The story began when we found out that all the fried chicken restaurants focus only on money and business. They no longer care about the taste of the chicken or being hot, crispy and clean. Even the service isn't like how it used to be. We can't find the place that gives us the feeling of delight while eating fried chicken, the place where we feel that we can hang out and have fun when we eat fried chicken. As we get acid reflux when we eat it in any place and suffer a stomachache. So we established Bigportion restaurant. We came up with a new secret recipe that will keep the chicken crispy, fresh and golden in color even if you took it home and put it in the fridge for 3 days, the color won't change. This recipe will prevent the chicken from taking in too much oil and keep it crispy at the same time like biscuits. It will also make it juicy because it also seasons the insides of the chicken. When you taste this seasoning on the real Halal chicken you will experience great delight. Also when you know that the first meal is for free you will know that Bigportion will make a difference in your life. Bigportion Delicious halal fried chicken